29.09.2019, 10:02

SaveThePlanet.jpgKi-tech Global AS - a clean energy construction company

Ki-tech Global is a construction company and global customer sales representative for the Kinetic power plant (KPP). Our company is equipped to provide all stages of acquiring a KPP.  We facilitate the entire prosess from purchase and handling of contracts, to the construction of turnkey power plants. We also offer service and maintenance of the power plants.

The KI-tech Global team and associates consist of scientists, engineers and experienced entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to the field of new inventions and renewable energy.

We have a large international network of affiliates within the energy industry and the financial sector. After working for many years with our main partners Save the Planet AG and Rosch Innovation, we have now found the sustainable energy technology of the future: The kinetic Power Plant, KPP.

 KI-tech Global are established with subsidiary companies and agents in several countries around the world. We 

Photo: CEO KI-tech Global, Ronny Korsberg.                         are always looking for likeminded partners, supporters and sales representativesto help us grow. 

Advantages of the KPP energy technology:

  • Decentralized energy supply 

  • 100 % emission-free: no CO2, no NOx

  • Runs independently of weather conditions

  • No fossile fuels, no batteries

  • Permanent, steady supply

  • Low operating and maintenance cost

  • Easy to expand

Best greetings from the KI-tech Global management team.